Mariah Carey and 50 Cent are officially tied for worst first pitch in history

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David Guetta Feat. The person who sings the whole song 

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Quick update cause I can’t sleep…


So lately I’ve been inspired. I am taking a film class (as some of you may know, I changed my major. I am now doing communications and minor in film) and I freaking love it. I feel like myself and I feel like I belong. I was doing biology before and honestly, I sort of hated it. I mean, I enjoyed Science and all that jazz but it stressed me the fuck out! So I am very happy that I ended up switching. Also, as some of you may know, I do YouTube videos!!! I’m not like YT famous or anything.. I’m nowhere near that lol. But I’m doing it because I’ve always been into beauty and fashion and I use my channel as an outlet to talk about those things. My channel has also helped me with my communication, film, and editing skills.. and it shows how much I’ve improved. My film professor even applaud me with my editing and he chose my work/project to be featured in my school’s TV channel. They will be using it as a college promo/commercial. It may seem like it’s whatevers but hey, it’s a big fucking deal for me!! 

So yeahhh, that’s all for now. BYE!

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What have I done?!?! 😍🙈🙉🙊 #itsnotevenmybirthday #valentino #rockstud

What have I done?!?! 😍🙈🙉🙊 #itsnotevenmybirthday #valentino #rockstud

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pleather leggings

pleather leggings

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I need her in my life!

I need her in my life!

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Soju gives me headaches >_

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Dear anon,

Please don’t be private lol. I want to know who’s watching my videooossss!!! Pretty please!!! (;

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Anonymous said: Why why why?!!! Did you delete your winter fashion video? Please put it back up

It’s just on private because it’s pretty outdated and I’ll be posting a new one soon. 

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Anonymous said: Yay! Can't wait for the review! :D

Yaaay (:

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Love Me Harder (feat. The Weeknd) by Ariana Grande


i know your motives and you know mine
the ones that love me, i tend to leave behind
if you know about me and choose to stay
then take this pleasure and take it with the pain

and if in the moment you bite your lip
when i get you moaning, you know it’s real
can you feel the pressure between your hips?
i’ll make it feel like the first time

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Anonymous said: Yay! Now that you're back on YouTube, please make a review video on your revaflats (:

Okieee!! (:

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